Table 1

Health indicators: downtown eastside compared with Vancouver and British Columbia

Downtown eastsideVancouverBritish Columbia
Sources: Vital statistics, Ministry of Health, Victoria; BC Stats, Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations, Statistics Canada.
BC, British Columbia; PYLL, Person years of life lost.
Population (1999)52 937570 8154 045 661
Population per km250474.5
Per cent of population below low income cut off (1996 census)51.829.919.6
Per cent of population <65 receiving BC benefits 199919.3%6.8%6.1%
Crime rate (1998) per 1000 population154.8121.5
Per cent of those aged 15 and over who left school before 9th grade completion (1996 census)18.5%9.4%7.4%
Per cent of rented housing70.4%34.6%
Life expectancy at birth 1998
Teenage births per 1000 female population aged 15 to 19, 199829.68.518.0
Standardised mortality ratio, 19981.661.03
Standardised Person years of life lost ratio, 19984.061.12
Alcohol related mortality per 1000, 19982.780.70.5
Drug related mortality per 1000, 19981.440.30.1
Communicable diseases 1999