Table 1

 Clients’ reasons why they underwent circumcision*

*Multiple response (n = 114).
1 To avoid being called “supot” or uncircumcised7666.7
2 Already a grown up, of the right age—part of the tradition to undergo circumcision4741.2
3 To grow tall and physically fit3429.8
4 Wanted his penis to be free of smegma2622.8
5 To be able to cause pregnancy; wanted to have a child of his own2320.2
6 Parents told him to undergo the procedure2118.4
7 To court a girl, have a girlfriend and get married1412.3
8 Women like to have sexual intercourse with a man whose penis is circumcised1210.5
9 To facilitate entry of his penis during sexual intercourse76.1
10 To enhance the form of his penis and to make his glans larger76.1
11 It is in the Bible that a Christian must be circumcised43.5
12 To become intelligent32.6
13 Circumcision was free21.8