Table 3

 Univariate associations between various factors and practising unprotected oral sex and HIV antibody testing among active MSM

% practised unprotected oral sex in last 6 months*p Value†% tested for HIV antibodies in the last 6 monthsp Value†
*Only asked of those who engaged in oral sex. †χ2 test.
Age group (years) 0.310.34
Educational level 0.220.78
Primary or below53.89.4
    F 1–543.915.4
    F 6–760.015.6
    University or above61.712.2
Marital status 0.60
    Currently single0.0914.5
    Currently married53.213.6
MSM subgroup 0.040.08
    Non-anal sex MSM46.411.9
    Anal sex MSM63.520.6
HIV knowledge 0.14
Aware of asymptomatic periodYes57.30.2017.2
Aware of non-transmissibility by kissingYes49.60.3414.8
Aware of non-detectibility periodYes47.80.1216.2
Aware of high infectivity of HIVYes48.60.4715.7
Contracted an STD in last 6 monthsYes33.30.1817.9<0.001
Believe that MSM has other MSM partnersYes46.90.0819.80.08
Has more than 3 MSM partners in P6MYes57.40.3220.00.09
Joined HIV prevention activityYes42.90.5033.30.031
Know someone with HIVYes50.00.7253.3<0.001
% Agreement with the following HIV related attitudes
The use of condoms is necessary when havingYes46.50.00113.00.53
sex with same sex partnersNo82.116.7
The use of condoms would reduce the chance ofYes50.40.0314.00.77
HIV infection from anal sex with same sex partnersNo77.812.1
The chance of contracting HIV is very high whenYes51.20.1413.90.95
having anal sex without using condomsNo66.714.3
You have total control in deciding to use condomsYes51.30.2812.70.25
when having sex with same sex partnersNo61.819.1
The chance of contracting HIV is very high fromYes50.70.5013.10.64
oral sex without using condomsNo56.315.2
Among the peers you know, most of them wouldYes51.00.5014.80.42
use condoms when having sexual intercourseNo56.611.2