Table 1

 Descriptive statistics for in-depth interview (IDI) and focus group discussion (FGD) participants

IDI (n = 463)FGD (n = 100)*
Median or % (min, max) or (N)Median or % (min, max) or (N)
*FGD participants were selected as a subset of the IDI participants with a break characteristic of <30 and ⩾30 years old.
†Approximately 75 Kenya shillings per US dollar.
‡Not available; In-depth interviews had one person per discussion and individuals were de-linked from IDI data when they were consented for the FGD. Religious affiliation information was not determined in the FGD.
Age (years)27.6 (18, 62)28.0 (18, 54)
Education (years)12.0 (0, 23)12.0 (2, 16)
    Kikuyu27.0 (125)24
    Luo25.1 (116)31
    Luhya14.0 (67)16
    Kamba6.7 (31)8
    Other26.8. (124)21
Catholic35.6 (165)NA‡
Protestant48.6 (225)NA‡
Muslim2.6 (12)NA‡
Other13.2 (61)NA‡
Marital status
    Married53.6 (248)48
    Unmarried46.4 (215)52
Income (Kenya shillings)†3,500NA‡
Number of people per discussionNA‡10 (6, 15)