Table 4

 Statistically significant correlates for syphilis seroreactivity of females (n = 230) from the REACH III cohort†

Total noPositiveठ% (n)Odds ratio (OR) (95% CI)Adjusted OR(95% CI)
*p<0.05 **p<0.01 ***p<0.001.
†Because of the single syphilis seroreactor among males, analyses were only conducted among females.
‡Except for continuous variables which are expressed as median and interquartile range among positives and negatives.
§Denominator may vary from 230 owing to missing data, refusals to answer specific questions or skip patterns.
¶In the previous 6 months.
††OR for age expresses the increase in odds associated with a 1 year increase in age.
‡‡Could not be included in logistic model owing to zero cell.
Median age
    Among positives28 (27–28)*1.3 (1.0 to 1.7)††1.3 (0.96 to 1.6)††
    Among negatives25 (21–28)1.01.0
    Yes1118.1 (9)**10.3 (1.3 to 82.9)3.9 (0.4 to 35.9)
    No1180.9 (1)1.01.0
Self reported previous syphilis Infection
    Yes933.3 (2)**15.2 (3.1 to 73.7)10.3 (1.9 to 56.9)
    No2203.2 (8)1.01.0
Sex partner ever injected drugs¶
    No1256.4 (8)