Table 1

 Demographic and clinical characteristics of study participants by sex

CharacteristicRespondents (n = 671)
STI, sexually transmitted infection; HIV, human immunodeficiency virus. NGU, non-gonoccocal urethritis defined as ⩾5 polymorphonuclear leucocytes/HPF on Gram stained urethral secretions.
Number (%)4852
Age (years) mean30.928.8
Race/ethnicity (%)
    African American9793
Education (%)
    No formal schooling00.9
    8th grade or less4.03.4
    Some high school17.921.7
    High school diploma56.452.7
    Some college21.621.3
Reason for visit (%)
    Contact to known STI1215
    Check up2941
HIV infected (%)2.51.0
STI (%)