Table 1

 Adjusted odds ratios for increased reporting of risk behaviours for HIV transmission when data collected by ICVI method, among sexually experienced men and women aged 15–54 years in Zimbabwe

Risk behaviourRound 1Round 2
OR*95% CIp Valuen†OR*95% CIp Valuen
*Odds ratio adjusted for age group, marital status, socioeconomic location, education level, and in-migration in the last three years.
N values exclude polygamously married men and illiterate respondents.
    New partner in last year1.301.08–1.550.00531311.371.02–1.840.0372249
    More than one partner in last month1.781.21–2.610.00331251.720.92–3.220.0912241
    More than one current partner1.371.06–1.790.01831321.090.66–1.780.7372246
    Last or previous partner a casual partner1.691.23–2.340.00117651.750.98–3.130.0601374
    Unprotected sex with recent casual partner1.530.82–2.960.1812961.220.39–3.810.730169
    New partner in last year1.961.59–2.41<0.00139252.371.67–3.37<0.0013250
    More than one partner in last month3.221.70–6.08<0.00139250.970.39–2.380.9443240
    More than one current partner4.492.26–8.91<0.00139280.970.44–2.100.9303246
    Last or previous partner a casual partner0.840.59–1.210.35523381.660.96–2.880.0702076
    Unprotected sex with recent casual partner0.630.25–1.610.3371348.921.62–49.150.01280