Table 2

 Percentage of respondents interviewed by ICVI and FTFI method reporting risk behaviours in rounds 1 and 2 of the survey and adjusted odds ratios for differences between rounds, among sexually experienced men and women aged 15–54 in Zimbabwe

Risk behaviourICVIFTFI
R1R2OR*95%CIp ValueNR1R2OR*95%CIp ValueN
*Odds ratio comparing round 2 (R2) and round 1 (R1) adjusted for age group, marital status, socio-economic location, education level, and in-migration in the last 3 years
†Exclude polygamously married men and illiterate respondents
Males %%%%
    New partner in last year50.935.60.570.50–0.65<0.001437149.429.70.640.46–0.880.0071011
    More than one partner in last month8.36.20.720.57–0.910.00742994.94.10.760.38–1.540.4441009
    More than one current partner15.68.40.510.41–0.62<0.001436913.47.20.620.36–1.050.0771010
    Last or previous partner a casual partner28.314.50.580.46–0.73<0.001256320.510.10.760.39–1.470.418576
    Unprotected sex with recent casual partner60.857.00.790.49–1.270.32236444.356.34.420.62–31.730.14076
    New partner in last year21.714.50.650.55–0.75<0.001538914.66.00.580.39–0.860.0071781
    More than one partner in last month2.30.80.380.23–0.64<0.00153761.21.01.910.60–6.090.2751781
    More than one current partner2.81.10.400.25–0.62<0.00153860.91.43.441.19–9.920.0221780
    Last or previous partner a casual partner7.16.00.910.67–1.240.55033039.13.20.510.26–0.990.0451103
    Unprotected sex with recent casual partner68.572.90.560.19–1.610.28215473.320.00.070.01–0.410.00355