Table 3

 Comparison of levels of missing data and internal consistency of response for ICVI and FTFI methods in survey rounds 1 and 2 among sexually experienced men and women aged 15–54 years in Zimbabwe

Risk behaviourICVIFTFIp Value†
Round 1n*Round 2nRound 1nRound 2nRound 1Round 2
*Exclude polygamously married men and illiterate respondents.
†Test for difference between methods after adjustment for age, gender, marital status, socioeconomic location, education level, and recent in-migration.
‡p Value from χ2 test.
Missing data %%%%
    Number of partners:
        Last year‡2.054030.145870.218000.01015<0.0010.415
        Last month‡2.154030.445870.418000.01015<0.0010.046
    Sex acts with most recent partner in the past month5.132675.126920.910583.3608<0.0010.079
    Condom use with most recent partner in the past month3.232675.228611.010583.3608<0.0010.081
    Most recent partner a regular partner5.832675.226921.310583.3608<0.0010.087
Inconsistent responses
    No sex for more than 1 year but partner in past month4.07663.37901.42964.11970.0260.550
    New partners exceed total partners in past year4.154033.045872.718000.210150.023<0.001
    Current partners exceed lifetime partners0.854031.545870.218000.610150.0060.083
    Condoms used exceed sex acts with most recent partner in the past 2 weeks4.031882.728611.710550.56450.0020.006
    Not commenced sex but had sexual partners in lifetime1.716971.2840.567
    Commenced sex but not had any sexual partners in lifetime6.4177910.8930.444
    Not commenced sex but experienced a pregnancy in the last 3 years2.610934.8620.772