Table 4

 Adjusted odds ratios for increased reporting of risk behaviours for HIV transmission when data collected by ICVI method: the effect of excluding cases with internally inconsistent reports, among sexually experienced men and women aged 15–54 years in Zimbabwe

Risk behaviourOR*95% CIp Valuen†
*Odds ratio adjusted for sex, age, marital status, socioeconomic location, education level, in-migration in last three years, and survey round.
†Exclude polygamously married men and illiterate respondents.
‡Exclude respondents reporting (1) a sexual partner in the past month but no sex for more than one year; (2) more new partners than total partners in the past year; (3) more current than lifetime partners; and (4) greater condom use than sex acts with their most recent partner in the last two weeks.
New partner in last year
    All cases1.571.40–1.76<0.00112552
    Consistent cases‡1.441.28–1.62<0.00111787
More than one partner in last month
    All cases1.721.31–2.25<0.00112526
    Consistent cases1.641.22–2.210.00111769
More than one current partner
    All cases1.391.13–1.70<0.00112547
    Consistent cases1.241.00–1.560.05411785
Last or previous partner a casual partner
    All cases1.351.10–1.650.0047550
    Consistent cases1.231.00–1.530.0547056
Unprotected sex with recent casual partner
    All cases1.340.87–2.080.185679
    Consistent cases1.340.86–2.100.193626