Table 1

 Incidence of STIs* among decriminalised sex workers without any private non-paying partners† or with one or more private non-paying partners in the preceding 3 months

All decriminalised sex workers (n = 388)Nil partners† in past 3 months (n = 128)≥1 partner† in past 3 months (n = 249)Rate ratio (95% CI)
*The defined STIs includes CT, NG, TV, syphilis, HIV, visible genital warts, and incident HSV, initial (primary or first) episode of genital HSV. No incident cases of gonorrhoea, HIV, hepatitis B, and syphilis were found in sex workers.
†Partners are sexual private non-paying partners outside of sex work; not paying clients. Data on private non-paying partners were missing in 10 cases.
‡Months of follow up for genital warts was 1752.16 person months and genital HSV (first episode or primary episode) was 1805.2.
¶HSV incident cases; initial diagnosis of first episode or primary episode of genital HSV but not recurrent cases.
Months of follow up (median)1807 (5.7)653 (5.8)1154 (5.7)
Incidence rate per 100 person months
C trachomatis 0.610.150.875.8 (0.7 to 45.3)
Trichomoniasis0. (0.1 to 12.4)
Genital warts‡0.79§0.610.871.5 (0.5 to 5.5)
HSV lesion (genital)‡¶0.17§ (0.1 to 12.5)
Any STIs1.661.071.991.9 (0.8 to 4.3)