Table 1

 Associations between oral sex and indicators of gum disease in a cohort of 411 African-American women, New York City

No%Bleeding gums (often/always)Bad breath (often/always)History of gum disease
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
All adjusted estimates based on models that include both giving and receiving oral sex. Logistic regression controlling for: *education; †income, education, new sex partner, and alcohol use; ‡income, frequency of douching, new sexual partner, and parity, §getting oral sex, education; ¶getting oral sex, age, money, education, frequency of douching, new sexual partner; **getting oral sex, age, frequency of douching, new sexual partner, and marital status.
Sex in past 3 months included
Giving oral sex:
    >half time or more54132.8(0.8 to 9.7)3.5*(1.0 to 12.4)2.9(0.8 to 11.2)5.9†(1.3 to 27.5)2.9(0.7 to 11.7)2.1‡(0.3 to 13.2)
Receiving oral sex:
    >half time or more105361.8(0.8 to 4.0)0.9*(0.3 to 2.9)1.4(0.5 to 3.8)2.7†(0.6 to 12.7)1.4(0.5 to 3.5)0.8‡(0.2 to 4.3)
Giving oral sex:
    >one time a week44112.8(1.0 to 7.5)3.3§(0.9 to 11.9)1.2(0.3 to 5.8)0.9¶(0.2 to 6.8)1.5(0.4 to 5.4)2.3**(0.4 to 13.5)
    one time a week68171.1(0.3 to 3.3)1.2(0.4 to 4.0)1.6(0.5 to 5.1)0.9(0.1 to 4.7)1.3(0.4 to 4.0)1.5(0.3 to 6.9)
    <one time per week29673111111