Table 1

 Subgroup populations at higher risk of HIV/AIDS in China

PopulationRegistered/estimated number (million)Reported percentage of HIV/AIDS cases, 1985–2003† (n = 62 159)Estimated percentage of people living with HIV/AIDS, 2003‡ (n = 840 000)Average HIV prevalence (range) (%)
NA, data not available.
*Including their clients and other people infected via heterosexual transmission.
†Ministry of Health of China. ‡Joint assessment by State Council AIDS Working Committee Office and UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS in China, 2004. §National Drug Abuse Surveillance Center, 2002. §Ministry of Health of China. ¶Public security report in 1996. **UNAIDS China (1997): China responds to AIDS: HIV/AIDS situation and needs assessment report. ††Zhang and Ma. ‡‡Among general population age 15–49 years (end 2003), estimate from UNAIDS: 2004 Report on the global AIDS epidemic.
Injection drug users1.0/3.5§ (0–94.0)§
Former plasma donorsNA21.024.1NA (0.2–56.1)
Commercial sex workers0.4¶/3.5**7.3*19.8*1.0 (0–11.3)§
Men who have sex with menNA/8.0††0.211.1NA (0–3.1)
TotalNA100.0100.00.1 (0.1–0.2)‡‡