Table 1

 Summary of aims and outcomes of prevention interventions nationally monitored by the Health Protection Agency and its collaborators*

Prevention aimYear aim introducedIndicatorData sourceArea covered1998199920002001200220032004
*Health Protection Scotland; The Institute of Child Health (London); Collaborators on the Unlinked Anonymous Programme.
All STI clinics to offer VCT to all attendees on their first screening for STIs, and subsequently according to risk22002Percentage MSM attending STI clinics accepting VCTUAPMPE, W & NI47% 2956/629448% 2903/602150% 2913/578157% 3926/687062% 4637/743164% 4920/7697NA
2002Percentage heterosexuals attending STI clinic accepting VCTUAPMPE,W & NI26% 16684/6229527% 16023/5959131% 18628/61052239% 27050/6984254% 41125/7563855% 44312/80435NA
To reduce the proportion of individuals newly diagnosed with HIV who have a “late diagnosis”NAPercentage of MSM newly HIV diagnosed with CD4 count below 200 cells ×106/lCD4 surveillanceEngland & Wales30% 219/73829% 225/77927% 239/89024% 254/107325% 255/101021% 196/948NA
NAPercentage of heterosexuals newly diagnosed with a CD4 count below 200 cells ×106/lCD4 surveillanceEngland & Wales45% 206/45946% 284/62244% 399/91342% 578/139044% 674/153840% 584/1459NA
The universal offer and recommendation of an HIV test as a routine part of antenatal care71999Percentage HIV infected women diagnosed before deliveryUAPMP and NSHPCEngland40% 113/28459% 192/32771% 281/39884% 420/50182% 536/65088% 697/790NA
1999Percentage exposed infants becoming HIV infectedUAPMP and NSHPCEngland17% 48/28412% 40/3279% 37/3986% 31/5017% 43/6505% 39/790NA
To monitor the proportion of HIV infected individuals on triple ARV or moreNAPercentage of diagnosed HIV infected MSM on triple ARV therapy or moreSOPHIDE, W & NI56% 5231/936766% 6656/1015666% 7144/1088564% 8011/1247267% 9062/1359365.2% 9991/15333NA
Percentage of diagnosed HIV infected heterosexuals on triple ARV therapy or moreSOPHIDE,W & NI50% 2158/428663% 3251/518265% 4094/629663% 5695/904664% 7631/1202463.3% 9950/15717NA
To offer all MSM hepatitis B vaccination at their first STI clinic attendance22003Percentage MSM taking up first dose at their first STI clinic attendanceHepB3 surveyEnglandNANANANANA85% 5598/6553NA
2003Percentage MSM taking up third doseHepB3 surveyEnglandNANANANANA39% 5598/6553NA
To reduce waiting times at STI clinics2004Percentage patients with emergency appoints seen within 48 hoursSTI waiting times surveyEnglandNANANANANANA74% 1359/1843
2004Percentage patients with routine appoints seen within 48 hoursSTI waiting times surveyEnglandNANANANANANA20% 3044/15520
2004Percentage patients with walk-in appoints seen within 48 hoursSTI waiting times surveyEnglandNANANANANANA79% 4960/6307
To control genital chlamydial infection through early detection and treatment of asymptomatic infection among individuals aged under 2517,182004Chlamydia prevalence among women aged under 25NCSPEnglandNANANANANANA10.1% 1538/15241
2004Chlamydia prevalence among men aged under 25NCSPEnglandNANANANANANA13.3% 156/1172
To reduce the proportion of injecting drug users who share injecting equipmentNAPercentage current injectors who report sharing needles/syringesUAPMPE,W & NI32% 678/213833% 748/227631% 672/218433% 643/193434% 601/177529% 494/1677NA
NAPercentage current injectors who report sharing other injecting equipmentUAPMPE,W & NI54% 1213/225254% 1297/241852% 1191/229851% 1029/200552% 947/183250% 830/1670NA