Table 1

 ASCQ-FFQ cohort: proportions reporting sex in 1998 assisted self-completed questionnaires (ASCQs) and in 1998 face to face questionnaires (FFQs), according to the presence of biological markers

ASCQ-FFQ cohortnn (%) reporting vaginal intercourse
1998 ASCQ1998 FFQp Value*
*The McNemar’s and binomial tests assessed the difference between (a) the number of people who had reported sex in the ASCQ but not the FFQ, and (b) the number of people who reported sex in the FFQ but not the ASCQ. The tests were not applicable when the value for (a) or (b) was zero; for example, none of the females with CT and/or NG reported sex in the ASCQ but not in the FFQ.
CT, Chlamydia trachomatis; NG, Neisseria gonorrhoeae; NA, not applicable.
Males25731430 (56)1327 (52)<0.001
Male; biological marker
    HIV+21 (50)1 (50)NA
    CT and/or NG108 (80)6 (60)NA
Subtotal129 (75)7 (58)NA
Male; no biological marker25611421 (56)1320 (52)<0.001
Females2166480 (22)489 (23)0.655
Female; biological marker
    HIV+20 (0)0 (0)NA
    CT and/or NG286 (21)9 (32)NA
    Pregnant209 (47)13 (68)0.109
Subtotal4915 (31)22 (45)0.020
Female; no biological marker2117465 (22)467 (22)0.920
Total47391910 (40)1816 (38)0.004