Table 1

 The reasons men give for not using condoms

(F) denotes that the comment originated with a female sex worker, referring to the excuses men give her for not using a condom.
Condoms are not pleasurable1 Condoms “deny” pleasure
2 They want sex “flesh to flesh”
3 [Men say] “It is like having sex with yourself” (F)
4 Using a condom means “losing twice”
5 No sexual satisfaction for the woman if sperm not deposited in her vagina
6 Women need friction, which they do not get from the condom
7 [Men say] “It takes too long to ejaculate” (F)
Condoms are defective8 Condoms have insects (wadadu)
9 HIV/AIDS can penetrate condoms
10 Women’s fluids are twice as acidic as sperm and condoms are porous
11 Condoms developed for northern climate. In hot climates, they weaken and develop holes
12 Condoms are too tight
13 Some penises are too long to fit in condoms
14 Condoms are not helpful because they have not contained HIV/AIDS
15 Condoms come off during sex so no need to use them
16 A peer educator was dying and said their condoms had expired and were useless
Condoms are harmful17 White people introduced condoms laced with HIV/AIDS to Africa to reduce the population
18 Women who preach condom use die even more than others
19 Condoms collect sperm that infiltrate back to the stomach causing problems
20 Condoms cause wounds in women’s private parts because of too much friction
21 Condoms burn one’s penis. If you pull a condom hard it will burst into flames
22 Condoms cause allergies
23 Condoms can get lost in the woman’s vagina
24 A man must release his sperm; keeping them inside his body for a month will cause backaches
25 Discussing condoms makes them feel like they have HIV/AIDS
26 Throwing away sperm means killing children
27 [Men say] “Condoms cause cancer” (F)
28 They promote promiscuity by giving a false sense of security (F)
Condoms are unnecessary29 You can choose women by an “instinctive blood check”
30 Don’t need with rural/young girls
31 One can avoid infection by taking medicine before sex and urinating after
32 HIV/AIDS does not exist. It is actually wasting (chiraa)
33 If infected you have sex with many others so there is none left in you
Perceived ability34 Men are too shy to buy them in public
35 Men don’t remember to buy them
36 Men have a “weak sexual nature”
37 Men should not have to worry about carrying condoms
38 Men don’t have anywhere to carry condoms
39 Those who are already infected want to infect others so they do not die alone
40 One cannot put on condoms without getting aroused, but once aroused, one cannot think
41 Alcohol abuse makes people forget
42 Sex outside happens so quickly there is no time
External forces43 HIV/AIDS is a calamity long prophesied by the bible. Humans have no control over this
44 Condoms are against God’s wishes. You should go out and multiply
45 God intended sex to be pleasurable
46 Dying from HIV/AIDS is like dying from an automobile accident. You cannot control it
47 We are all going to die anyway, so we might as well die happy (F)
48 Those who use condoms have “lost hope”
49 For the Luo ethnic group, sex is used for certain transactions; condoms interfere with this
50 Using condoms in a relationship means you do not trust the person