Table 5

 Results from PLACE Assessments in East London, South Africa in 2000 and 2003: characteristics of individuals socialising at venues at busy times (Phase 3)

Men, % (n = 1434)Women, % (n = 641)Men, % (n = 632)Women, % (n = 424)
NA, not applicable (question not asked of respondents).
15–24 years old30.029.834.548.4
Employed full or part time48.235.558.532.7
Visit the site every day13.018.624.820.8
Ever met a new partner at the venue21.818.924.722.4
New sex partner in past 4 weeks32.527.222.918.7
New sexual partner in past year53.843.040.138.3
Two or more partners in the past 4 weeks27.520.921.415.8
Two or more partners in the past year55.642.147.136.2
Commercial sex in past 3 monthsNANA3.66.7
Ever used a condom33.731.860.057.6
Had a condom at the time of interview4.01.710.98.5