Table 1

 Rates* of diagnoses of HIV† and other STIs‡ in men who have sex with men (MSM) and heterosexual men§ aged 16–44 in England and Wales in 2002

MSMHeterosexual men§
*Rates are based on estimated populations of 277 700 MSM and 9 999 900 heterosexual men aged 16–44 in England and Wales in 2002).
†Data source: Surveillance of new diagnoses of HIV infections
‡Data source: KC60
§Data on heterosexual males has been estimated by subtracting MSM from data for all males aged 16–44.
Uncomplicated gonorrhoea1210/105140/105
Genital warts (first attack)727/105337/105
New HIV diagnosis601/10513/105
Genital chlamydia (first attack)524/105341/105
Infectious syphilis (primary, secondary and early latent)225/1054/105
Genital herpes (first attack)176/10563/105