Table 1

 Biological tests performed during the survey

InfectionTestBiological specimenTesting site
PCR, polymerase chain reaction. RPR, rapid plasma reagin. TPHA, Treponema pallidum haemagglutination assay. EIA, enzyme immunoassay
SEALS, South Eastern Area Laboratory Services. RSCM, Rumah Sakit Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo. MSM, men who have sex with men.
GonorrhoeaPCR (Roche Amplicor)Urine (all), vaginal swab (women), Rectal swab (MSM)SEALS
ChlamydiaPCR (Roche Amplicor)Urine (all), vaginal swab (women), Rectal swab (MSM)SEALS
TrichomoniasisCulture (InPouch)Vaginal swab (women)Dili
Bacterial vaginosisGram stain scoring, Nugent criteriaVaginal swab (women)Dili
CandidiasisGram stained slideVaginal swab (women)Dili
SyphilisRPR (Wampole Impact), TPHA (Serodia)Blood (all)Dili
Herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2Serology (Focus Herpes Select)Blood (all)SEALS
HIV infection (1 and 2)Rapid test (Abbott Determine)Blood (all)Dili
HIV infection (1 and 2)EIA (Genetic Systems)Blood (all)Dili
HIV infection (1 and 2)Western blot (GeneLabs, Diagnostic Biotechnology)Blood (determine HIV +ve specimens only)RSCM, SEALS
HIV infection (1 and 2)HIV subtypingBlood (WB HIV +ve specimens only)Westmead