Table 3

 Sexual activity and condom use

Taxi driversSoldiersMSMFemale sexworkers
*In last 12 months for taxi drivers and soldiers, last month for MSM and sex workers.
†For taxi drivers and soldiers this is minimum, since consistency of condom use is not asked.
Sexual activity
Ever had sex97%94%100%100%
Sexually active in the last 12 months94%76%100%100%
Currently married or cohabiting64%18%17%34%
Sex with opposite sex girlfriend/boyfriend*16%27%9%79%
Sex with non-marital, non-cohabiting partner in last 12 months48%61%95%100%
Bought sex from woman* 41%54%20%
(median number of transactions)*42Not asked
Bought sex from man last month11%
Sold sex to man last monthNot askedNot asked40%100%
(median number of transactions)112
Recent anal sex*16%8%66%Not asked
Bisexual behaviour last 12 months16%8%46%Not asked
Sex with foreigner last monthNot askedNot asked21%31%
Condom use
Condom used at last commercial sex between man and woman16%33%14%36%
Condom used in all recent heterosexual commercial sex1%1%9%0
Condom used at last anal sex with male24%14%30%Not asked
Condom used in all anal sex with male last monthNot askedNot asked7%Not asked
Condom use in last heterosexual sex with girlfriend/boyfriend15%19%17%6%
Condom use in all heterosexual sex with girlfriend/boyfriend*3%09%0
Overall risk
Any unprotected commercial sex (heterosexual)42%51%18%100%
Any unprotected non-marital sex (heterosexual)46%60%
Any unprotected anal sex between men12%7%62%