Table 3

 Incremental cost effectiveness analysis of female condom introduction

Incremental costIncrease in number of consistent condom users after female condoms introduced (95% CI)Incremental cost per year per additional consistent condom user (95% CI)
*This figure has been altered from the actual increase found in the study to indicate the number that would have become consistent condom users if there was no loss to follow up [(0.6711 × 210) – (0.5973 × 210)  =  16]. Assumes those lost to follow up had same behaviours as those who stayed in study.
†Figures reflect increases from the study sample (n = 210) to all sex workers in the Kisauni programme (n = 2382). The cost of scaling up the intervention assumed that besides additional condoms required to serve a larger group (91% of scale up costs) that there would also be increased communication costs and office supplies proportional to the increase in persons served in order to document the increased activities. We assumed that personnel costs would not increase since programme staff are already contacting these people with the male condom promotion messages.
Intervention$54 13916* (3 to 25)$3384 (2166 to 18 046)
Scaled up programme†$380 081176 (34 to 284)$2160 (1338 to 11 179)
Scaled up programme with 50% reduction in number of female condoms required$200 597176 (34 to 284)$1140 (706 to 5900)