Table 1

 Did you tell your last sexual partner, with whom you had unprotected anal intercourse, your HIV status?

If yes—did disclose HIV status:
• When did you discuss it, before or after you first had sex?
If disclosed before having unprotected sex:
• Because you told him before you had sex, did you feel it was OK for him to have unprotected sex with you? Why? Why not?
If disclosed after having unprotected sex:
• Why do you think the two of you didn’t discuss HIV before sex?
• If you only discussed HIV after you had unprotected sex, did that change what you did together next (or what else you did)?
If no—did not disclose HIV status:
• Why didn’t you disclose?
• How usual is it for you to not disclose? How was this time different?
• Did the two of you talk about viral load or HIV medications?
• How did viral load or HIV medications influence what you did?
• What would have made it easier to tell him?