Table 1

 Sociodemographic, health, and HIV clinical profile of study population (n = 346)

*Last 6 months.
    Mean (years)45
    Elsewhere in Canada12%
    Other country10%
Language (spoken at home)
    High school or less36%
    Undergraduate or greater32%
Annual personal income (last year)
    <$20 00035%
    $20 000–39 99933%
    ⩾$40 00032%
Main source of income*
    Working (full time/part-time)55%
    Social assistance19%
    Disability insurance11%
Living situation
    Live alone49%
    With partner29%
Perceived physical health*
Perceived psychological health*
Years since HIV diagnosis
    Mean (years)10
Presently taking antiretrovirals
Viral load (most recent result)*
CD4 count (×106/l) (most recent result)*