Table 3

 Multivariate logistic regression model* of factors associated with at-risk sexual behaviour of HIV positive MSM (n = 249)

Adjusted OR95% CI
*Adjusting for belief: “HIV positive people taking antiretrovirals live longer than those who don’t.”
Age (younger)1.061.00 to 1.13
Annual personal income (÷$1000)
    20–398.472.41 to 29.80
    ⩾4014.514.09 to 51.46
Year first started antiretrovirals (more recently on antiretrovirals)1.181.05 to 1.32
Less satisfaction with social life1.621.09 to 2.42
More satisfaction with sex life1.611.07 to 2.41
Antiretrovirals treatment reduces the risk of transmitting HIV2.101.16 to 3.80
Less safer sex practised by MSM because of HIV treatment advances1.821.14 to 2.90
Less important to protect self/others against HIV transmission/re-infection and other STI2.181.13 to 4.24
Safer sex fatigue3.231.81 to 5.78
Use of “poppers” during sex6.282.43 to 16.21
Proportion of HIV positive anal sex partners
    <50%16.794.70 to 59.98
    ⩾50%67.6715.43 to 296.90