Table 2

 Comparison of lifetime HIV risk factors of male street youth involved and never involved in survival sex

Involved (n = 150)Never involved (n = 392)p Value
*1 missing.
†2 missing.
‡5 missing.
Sexual HIV risk factors
With female non-commercial partners:
    Unprotected vaginal penetration87.3%78.8%*0.023
    Unprotected anal penetration36.7%20.0%†<0.001
    Unprotected oral sex91.3%89.0%*0.426
With male non-commercial partners:
    Unprotected anal penetration8.7%*2.0%0.001
    Unprotected oral sex29.3%6.4%<0.001
High risk sexual partners:
    Sexual partners injecting drugs64.7%32.5%*<0.001
    HIV positive sexual partners10.7%3.3%*0.001
History of sexual abuse31.8%†10.1%‡<0.001
Other HIV risk factors
Body piercing53.3%40.6%0.007
Steroid injection6.7%1.0%0.001
Drug injection66.0%33.4%<0.001
Problematic alcohol use32.4%†26.1%*0.142
Number of types of drugs consumed (mean)5.84.7<0.001