Table 4

 Lifetime sexual behaviours of the 150 male street youth involved in survival sex with their clients and non-commercial partners

Oral sexVaginal penetrationAnal penetration
*2 missing.
†1 missing.
‡Calculated among those who reported that behaviour.
With clients
Ever with a female*7752.0%8154.7%2416.2%
Ever unprotected‡6685.7%3543.2%1041.7%
Ever with a male†9463.1%3020.1%
Ever unprotected‡6771.3%826.7%
With non-commercial partners
Ever with a female14194.0%14697.3%7650.7%
Ever unprotected‡13797.2%13189.7%5572.4%
Ever with a male5234.7% 3422.8%
Ever unprotected‡4484.6% 1338.2%†