Table 2

 Outcome: lifetime risk of sexually transmitted infections (STI)*

Ever had infectionNo (%) (n = 118)†
*Lifetime risk is obtained by combining reports of past STI from interviews (at baseline and follow up) with records of STI documented in clinic notes.
†Excludes six women with no reliable outcome measure of STI.
‡Any STI includes all of the other reported infections but excludes other genital conditions such as candidiasis.
Gonorrhoea67 (57)
Chlamydia75 (64)
Syphilis9 (8)
Trichomoniasis58 (49)
Genital herpes (clinical)47 (40)
Genital warts37 (31)
Pelvic inflammatory disease33 (28)
Any STI‡110 (93)