Table 3

 Multivariate analysis of factors associated with sex trade work among 995 male IDUs between 1996 and 2003*

CharacteristicAdjusted† odds ratioGEE 95% CIp Value
GEE, generalised estimating equation; CI, confidence interval.
*Based on 8046 study visits.
†Adjusted for incarceration, lending syringes, and methadone maintenance treatment.
‡During the previous 6 months.
Age at enrolment, per year older0.930.92 to 0.94<0.001
HIV positive at enrolment (yes v no)1.771.44 to 2.17<0.001
Daily cocaine injection‡ (yes v no)1.371.11 to 1.700.004
Daily crack smoking‡ (yes v no)1.361.07 to 1.720.011
Borrowed syringes‡ (yes v no)1.731.32 to 2.25<0.001
Unable to access addiction treatment‡ (yes v no)1.280.98 to 1.670.076
Unprotected intercourse with casual sex partner‡ (yes v no)0.660.53 to 0.82<0.001