Table 1

 Hospital admissions for chlamydia related diseases in men and women aged 15–34 years, New South Wales, 1992–2001

Diagnosis (ICD codes)*1992199319941995199619971998199920002001
*Coding for admission diagnoses changed from the 9th (numeric codes) to the 10th (alphanumeric codes) revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD), Australian modification, in 1998.
†In ICD9, both chronic and unspecified parametritis and pelvic cellulitis were classified together (614.4). In ICD10, they are classified separately (N73.1 and N73.2).
Acute PID
Acute salpingitis and oophoritis (614.0, N70.0)30331620201722231519
Acute inflammatory diseases of the uterus (615.0, N71.0)29371631162834382317
Acute parametritis and pelvic cellulitis (614.3, N73.0)31445046462944445454
Chronic PID
Chronic salpingitis and oophoritis (614.1, N70.1)1128696119897079957971
Chronic inflammatory diseases of the uterus (615.1, N71.1)13814195130899793886653
Chronic parametritis and pelvic cellulitis (614.4, N73.1)†65668483443037373435
PID of unspecified duration
Salpingitis and oophoritis of unspecified duration (614.2, N70.9)15312011183616854604341
Inflammatory diseases of the uterus of unspecified duration (615.9, N71.9)1471341229392460000
Parametritis and pelvic cellulitis of unspecified duration (N73.2)†132421
Inflammatory disease of the ovary, fallopian tube, pelvic cellular tissue and peritoneum (614.8, 614.9, N73.8, N73.9, N74.4)824727679562517450472325346301
Ectopic pregnancy
Tubal (633.1, O00.1)1053955940929889882888856879813
Other or unspecified (633.2, 633.8, 633.9, O00.2, O00.8, O00.9)166189161141149152145174168182
Without abscess (604.90, 604.99, N45.9)304309349347350372280295307280
With abscess (604.0, N45.0)13107691094117