Table 3

 Test for STIs available from the internet, walk-in clinics or for home use

STITargetSpecimenCost range
STI, sexually transmitted infection.
Chlamydia trachomatis DNA antigenVaginal swab or urineUS$89.95; £29.95–£45
Vaginal swab£2.1–12; US$6–16
Neisseria gonorrhoeae DNA antigenVaginal swab or urineUS$89.95–£45
Genital swabUS$1–$16
Trichomonas vaginalis AntigenVaginal swabUS$12
Bacterial vaginosispH and enzyme markersVaginal fluidUS$19.90/2 or US$99.50/12
Herpes simplex type 2Virus culture antibodyLesionUS$159.95