Table 2

 Specific characteristics of participants and a subset of non-responders (non-response study)

ParticipantsNon-respondersp Value*
Missing values reduce the denominator in several categories.
2 or Fischer’s exact test.
†Symptoms in men: pain in passing urine, more frequent urination and/or penile discharge. Symptoms in women: intermenstrual or postcoital bleeding, abnormal vaginal discharge, pain in passing urine, frequent urination and/or lower abdominal pain.
‡Only if sexually active (ever).
¶Only if sexually active in the past 6 months.
    Non Dutch66581818%122305%
    Yes (men)21829188%31173%0.05
    Yes (women)1978542137%1712114%<0.001
Ever had sex
    Yes (men)2317284282%7810376%0.14
    Yes (women)4688534288%799980%0.02
Number lifetime partners‡0.45
Sex in the past 6 months‡
    Yes (men)1999230887%627484%0.48
    Yes (women)4304467792%617087%0.14
New partner last 2 months¶765628012%1311511%0.78
Condom used last contact¶
    Yes (men)565199328%196131%0.63
    Yes (women)765429118%176028%0.04
    Yes (total)1330628421%3612130%0.02
Ever diagnosed with STI‡