Table 1

 Demographic characteristics of respondents by sex and interview mode, Druid Project, 2000–2

CharacteristicFemalep ValueMalep Value
*Less than high school combines 45 subjects completing 8th grade or less and 454 completing some high school.
†More than high school combines 279 subjects completing some college or a 2 year degree, 24 subjects completing college (4–5 year degree), and 13 subjects completing postgraduate education.
‡New patients are subjects reporting never attending a STD clinic. Subjects who received an examination or treatment at a STD clinic before the day of interview were asked the timing of their last visit (within the past month, between 1–6 months ago, 6–12 months ago, 1–3 years ago, more than 3 years ago).
§Responses tabulated from the question, “Are you currently covered by health insurance, regardless of who pays for it?”
Age (years)
Marital status
    Less than high school*
    High school36.930.044.844.4
    More than high school†21.028.323.021.9
Patient status‡
    New (1st time)43.443.60.99844.042.70.559
    Repeat in less than 6 months28.528.325.022.7
    Repeat 6 months ago or longer28.
Covered by health insurance§