Table 2

 Reports of STIs and STI symptoms by interview mode: Druid Project

BehaviourInterview modeAdjusted OR†95% CI
†Adjusted odds ratios for mode effect derived from logistic regression model controlling for gender, age, marital status, education, patient status, and health insurance coverage. * p<0.05, ** p<0.01, *** p<0.001.
‡History of STI recodes respondents who never heard of the disease as never having the disease. Adjusted odd ratios vary discretely when excluding from computation participants who never heard of the infection.
§Among participants who heard of PID, five males (3 in IAQ and 2 in ACASI mode) also reported that a doctor or nurse told them they had PID.
¶Respondents never having the symptom were excluded from this calculation.
History of STIs/STI symptoms‡
    Ever have gonorrhoea38. to 1.33
    Ever have chlamydia38.439.50.950.74 to 1.21
    Ever have syphilis8.96.91.390.91 to 2.14
    Ever have herpes7. to 1.55
    Ever have PID (females only)§17.915.01.320.84 to 2.1
    Ever discharge59.462.60.860.68 to 1.08
    Ever dysuria58. to 1.35
    Ever genital sores or blisters20.616.41.310.99 to 1.73
    Ever genital warts14.210.11.50*1.06 to 2.1
Recent symptoms and health behaviours
    Discharge within past month40. to 1.41
    Saw doctor/nurse for discharge¶67.387.20.29***0.20 to 0.43
    Dysuria within past month30.827.21.180.92 to 1.51
    Saw doctor/nurse for dysuria66.881.70.45***0.32 to 0.64
    Saw doctor/nurse for sores or blisters§ to 1.23
    Saw doctor/nurse for genital warts¶75.879.40.680.27 to 1.63