Table 3

 Reports of HIV/STI risk behaviours by interview mode, Druid Project

BehaviourInterview modeAdjusted OR†95% CI
ACASI (%)IAQ (%)
†Adjusted odds ratios for mode effect derived from logistic regression model controlling for sex, age, marital status, education, patient status, and health insurance coverage. * p<0.05, ** p<0.01, *** p<0.001.
‡Responses of females and males were combined. Have you ever had sexual intercourse [while you were/with a woman while she was] menstruating?”
§Excludes 213 participants who reported no main partner in the past year. A main partner is defined as a “spouse, friend, former spouse or lover—anyone with whom you had a sexual relationship that lasted at least 1 month.
Sexual practices
    Any male-male sexual experience10. to 1.96
    Male-male genital contact7. to 1.77
    Any female-female sexual experience26.621.51.380.93 to 2.03
    Female-female genital contact20.516.61.340.88 to 2.05
    Anal sex46.839.81.38**1.10 to 1.72
    Oral sex94.194.80.850.53 to 1.36
    One night stand50.447.71.110.88 to 1.40
    Sex while menstruating‡48.944.71.230.98 to 1.53
    Been forced or forced someone to have sex26. to 1.37
    Been paid or paid (with money or drugs) for sex32.725.71.5**1.16 to 1.94
More recent
    Sex 5+ times in the last two weeks27.420.81.45**1.12 to 1.88
    Anal sex 3+ times last month17.710.42.00***1.45 to 2.76
    Gave oral sex last month56.244.31.67***1.34 to 2.08
    Received oral sex last month66. to 1.46
    One night stand last month19.415.31.340.99 to 1.80
    Sex last 30 days while menstruating15.58.72.00***1.4 to 2.8
    Digital penetration last week37.229.81.42**1.13 to 1.80
    Sex while you/partner drinking last month49.444.21.25*1.0 to 1.56
    Sex while you/partner high on drugs last month29.826.11.200.94 to 1.53
Sexual partners
    6+ partners last year14.418.40.69*0.51 to 0.94
    1+ new partner in past 6 months64.554.01.58***1.25 to 1.99
    Having sex with main partner ⩽3 months§18.611.41.85**1.30 to 2.61
    Talked with main partner about STD§76.570.91.280.97 to 1.68
    Very comfortable telling main partner have a STD§47.955.60.73*0.57 to 0.93
    Main partner is of same sex§ to 2.85
Condom use
    Never uses a condom with main partner§40.847.80.76*0.59 to 0.97
    Never condom in past 3 months24.230.20.72*0.56 to 0.93
    Last time sex without condom within 24 hours15.38.91.92***1.35 to 2.73
    Occasion when a condom should have been used in the past 3 months68.860.71.44**1.14 to 1.82