Table 5

 Interview mode effects by gender, Druid Project

ACASI (n = 367)(%)IAQ (n = 366)(%)AdjustedOR95% CIACASI(n = 309)(%)IAQ (n = 307)(%)AdjustedOR95% CIp Value
*p Values derived from log linear models testing for three way interaction of behaviour by interview mode by gender.
†History of STI recodes respondents who never heard of the disease as never having the disease.
‡Respondents never having the symptom were excluded from this calculation.
Knowledge of STI
Heard of pelvic inflammatory disease44.841.01.20.89 to 1.6580.385.00.70.47 to 1.130.060
Heard of genital phlemoria22.613.22.01.37 to 3.0329.810.13.82.4 to 5.940.025
History of STI†
Ever have chlamydia28.735.40.70.48 to 0.9849.844.31.30.89 to 1.780.02
Ever have syphilis6. to 1.7111. to 4.090.107
Ever have herpes4. to to 3.330.013
STI symptoms
Saw doctor/nurse for dripping‡ 0.8660.789.30.20.09 to 0.280.005
Ever genital sores or blisters19. to 1.4722.313.41.91.24 to 2.950.033
Ever genital warts13.512.61.10.7 to 1.7115. 3.940.032
Sexual practices
Sex 5+ times in the last two weeks27.925.31.10.8 to 1.626.815.42.01.32 to 3.010.031
Sex while woman menstruating46.446.41.00.77 to 1.3951.842.71.51.05 to 2.030.097
Sexual partners
1+ new partner last 6 months72. to 1.6355.737.92.11.49 to 2.890.026