Table 1

 Individuals tested for Chlamydia trachomatis by NAAT and for Neisseria gonorrhoeae by NAAT and culture methods

Total tested for C trachomatisby NAATSpecimens cultured for N gonorrhoeaePositive for C trachomatisPositive for N gonorrhoeae by NAATThose positive for N gonorrhoeae by NAAT confirmed by culture
Female specimens (F), male specimens (M).
*Discrepancy in NAAT v culture numbers as some men could not provide urine specimens and some individuals had cultures taken from more than one site
†One female had received antibiotics in the week before sample being taken—excluded from further analysis.
All urinary samples from men and all cervical samples from women with requests for chlamydia NAAT testing were also tested for N gonorrhoeae by NAAT methods.
The reasons that general practitioners do not send culture specimens from their patients are unknown.
GP966 (903F, 63M)388 (324F, 64M)64 (6.6%)17 (16F,1M)1 (M)
GUM471 (221F, 250M)493 (238F, 255M)*63 (13.4%)16 (7F†, 9M)10 (2F,8M)