Table 1

 Triage priority assessment

Score: 14 or above—same day or next day appointment required; 5–13—see within 2–3 days; 4 or less—next routine appointment.
Appointment given:Telephone/walk-in patient
Score Tick Condition
14Untreated chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, unmanaged HIV infection
14Male discharge (rectal/urethral)/dysuria
14Genital ulceration
14STI risk with recent low abdominal pain
14Sexual assault within past 12 weeks
14Review HIV patient with new symptoms
14Severe acute genital pain (or advise A and E assessment if more appropriate)
14Acute testicular pain/swelling
14Adverse drug reaction (patient on medication provided by us).
12Contact of HIV or syphilis
8Sexual contact of gonorrhoea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, hepatitis A/B
6Needlestick/trauma infection concern >4 weeks. If earlier advise A&E assessment.
5HIV infection (new/transferred in) or appointment for routine review
5Leaving UK unable to return (use discretion)
5Phone call from HCP/youth worker (<16 year old)
4Genital lumps and bumps (warts/molluscum contagiosum)
4Vaginal discharge/irritation—eg, candidiasis/bacterial vaginosis
4Perigenital spots/rash or irritation (balanitis, lice, scabies)
4Extreme distress/distance travelled/school timetable, etc
0Worried well/STI risk
−2Patient unable to wait (walk in only)
Clinic capacity (yes or no)
Comments: (contact no, etc)