Table 2

 Results of triage for those scoring 5 or more points for specific situations only

SituationNumber diagnosedAppointment within targetPercentage
*Five seen in 2 days and one in 4 days.
†Seven seen in 2 days, six in 3 days, and two in 4 days.
‡12 seen in 4 days, 12 in 5 days, five in 6 days, one in 7 days, and four in 10 days.
NB: scores made up from multiple points have not been included.
14 points or over
Genital ulceration5555100
Women with abdominal pain1212100
Sexual assault (male and female)99100
Untreated chlamydia282486
Testicular pain13*754
Male discharge/dysuria44†2966
5–13 points
Contact of sexually transmitted infection150‡11677