Table 1

 Laboratory profile in relation to diagnosis and treatment

At initial diagnosisOn HAART8 weeks off therapy
Age10 months49 months57 months
HIV-1 ELISA Positive Negative Positive
Raw optical density
Cut offNot available0.
Positive control (PC)Not available1.771.852.12.0
Negative controlNot available0.
External low PCNot available0.870.680.940.88
PatientNot available0.260.232.342.38
Patient/cut off ratio (>1 = positive, <1 = negative)Not available0.940.838.38.0
Western blot Positive Negative Positive
Visible bands
gp160Not availableAbsentPresent
gp120Not availableAbsentPresent
gp41Not availableAbsentPresent
p24Not available“+/−” (Band intensity < gp120 in the Weak Positive Control)Present
DNA PCR Positive Negative Positive
RNA PCR (copies/ml)>5 log10<400>5 log10
CD4 count (cells ×106/l)Not available1209 (36%)716 (26%)