Table 1

 Symptoms, microscopic signs of urethritis and/or cervicitis among all female STD clinic attendees (n = 465)

Normal smearsUrethritis and normal wet smearUrethritis and cervicitisCervicitis and normal urethral smearUND and WNDSymptoms count (%)Bacterial vaginosis
Urethral smearUrethral smearUrethral smearUrethral smear
<5*UND5–10*>10*5–10*>10*<5*UNDCount (%)Count (%)
UND, microscopic examination of urethral smear not done; WND, microscopic examination of vaginal wet smear not done; Ng, Neisseria gonorrhoeae; Ct, Chlamydia trachomatis; Mg, Mycoplasma genitalium.
*PMNL/HPF in methylene blue stained smears.
†Wet smears not done in one patient with Ct and in two patients in the group with no Ng infection or NGU.
‡Wet smear not done in one patient.
C trachomatis pos (n = 41)11†1273481413 (32)12/36 (33)
M genitalium pos (n = 22)11002‡036005 (23)5/22 (23)
Mg and Ct pos (n = 4)0001021002 (50)2/4 (50)
Urethritis and/or cervicitis,001837826651065 (42)30/155 (19)
negative tests (n = 155)
The rest of attendees (n = 243)237†2000000453 (22)26/243 (11)
Total (n = 465)2593204711358028138 (30)73/456 (16)