Table 1

 Correlates of non-marital sexual contact in last 12 months, migrant men, Lahore, Pakistan

CorrelatesNoHad one or more female non-marital partner (%)Had sex with female sex worker (%)Had sex with man (%)
*Statistically significant associations (p<0.05).
†Effective sample size is reduced from 590 to 585 because of missing values.
Marital status
    Currently or formerly married2775.41.80.4
Age (years)
    No school11712.87.70.9
    1–5 primary946.43.22.1
    6–8 middle12217.28.21.6
    9–10 matric12613.55.61.6
    Skilled manual worker9520*9.51.1
    Unskilled manual worker8811.45.72.3
    House servant/drivers7819.291.2
Household wealth
    Lower middle14118.46.41.4