Table 1

 Prevalence of genital chlamydial and gonococcal (according to different diagnostic criteria) infections and clinical cervicitis among FSWs in Benin, 2003–04

Diagnostic criterionnNumber positive% positive (95% CI)
CI, confidence interval; CT, C trachomatis; NG, N gonorrhoeae.
*Positive by both NG-Amplicor (manufacturer’s instructions) and the 16SrRNA PCR.
†At least two out of three Amplicor tests with OD>2.0 for NG.9
‡The clinical diagnosis of cervicitis leads to treatment of both NG and CT.
NG-positive (reference standard*)1084504.6 (3.4 to 6.0)
NG-positive (Amplicor – manufacturer’s instructions)1084817.5 (6.0 to 9.2)
NG-positive (Amplicor–stringent criterion†)1084726.6 (5.2 to 8.3)
NG-positive (rapid test – cervical swab)1084645.9 (4.6 to 7.5)
NG-positive (rapid test – vaginal swab)759334.4 (3.0 to 6.1)
CT-positive (reference standard)1084514.7 (3.5 to 6.2)
NG and/or CT-positive (reference standard)1084938.6 (7.0 to 10.4)
Cervicitis according to clinical algorithm‡99819919.9 (17.5 to 22.6)