Table 2

 Consequences of omitting a urethral smear in asymptomatic men attending a clinic for sexually transmitted infections

StudyDiagnosis of C trachomatis delayed*Diagnosis of M genitalium missed†No pathogen present‡Urethritis on microscopy¶ but no pathogen presentReference
Values are percentages. N/A, data not contained in study report.
*Positive microscopic result in men who tested positive for C trachomatis.
†But not proven that this is of any clinical significance in asymptomatic men (see text).
‡Absence of both C trachomatis and M genitalium.
¶>4 polymorphonuclear leucocytes per high power field.
Anagrius et al, 20052.92.994394
Falk et al, 20048.21.689355
Leung et al, 2006N/A1.883N/A8
Marrazzo et al, 20013.4N/AN/AN/A9