Table 1

 Key informants interviewed during the rapid assessment

1 Taxi driverKey informant
2 University faculty and research centreEstonian Institute for Open Society
3 University faculty and researcherEstonian Institute for Open Society
4 Chief of dermatovenerologyWest Tallinn Central Hospital clinic
5 Clinic directorWest Tallinn Central Hospital
6 DirectorWorld Health Organization, Estonia
7 Television reporterLocal media Filmimees
8 PsychologistNGO “Eluliin” (“Life line”).
9 PsychologistNGO “Eluliin” (“Life line”).
10 EpidemiologistHealth protection inspectorate.
11 Chief specialistMinistry of Social Affairs
12 Organisational representativeNGO Gay and lesbi infokeskus. Ardi
13 Organisational representativeNGO Gay and lesbi infokeskus. Ardi
14 ManagementResponsible for elite brothels in five countries for organised crime cartel
15 Organisational representativeNGO ENUT
16 Organisational representativeNGO Convictus Eesti
17 Staff and former drug userSyringe exchange project
18 Organisational representativeCity of Tallinn Police Vice Unit
19 Organisational representativePolice, Youth Department
20 Organisational representativeInstitute of International and Social Studies
21 Sex workerKey informant
22 Taxi driverKey informant
22 DirectorNational Institute of Health Development
23 DirectorGlobal Fund, Estonia
24 AnalystGlobal Fund, Estonia
25 Shelter staff (5)Homeless shelter at Kauge 4
26 DirectorAIDS Support Center
27 NurseAIDS Support Center
28 PhysicianAIDS Support Center
29 Member of ParliamentParliament of Estonia
30 Telephone interviewNGO living for tomorrow, hotline
31 Dr Anneli UuskulaUniversity of Tartu
32 PhysicianKey informant