Table 3

 Table of themes: psychological and social responses to HPV testing

(1) Social and psychological response
A General psychological responses
     shock, distress, worry
     concerns about cancer
     reassurance of additional testing
B Concerns relating to the sexually transmitted nature of HPV
     Stigma of STI
     Guilt and blame for the cause of the infection
     Anxiety about disclosure to sexual partners
     Anxiety about disclosure to family and friends
     Concerns about transmitting the infection
(2) Factors influencing social and psychological response
A Women’s relationship status and history
B Social, cultural and religious norms around sex and relationships
C Understanding of HPV
     Extremely common infection
     Can regress without treatment
     No visible physical signs, distinct from genital warts and herpes
     Treatment for CIN is highly effective
     Condoms do not necessarily prevent infection
     Not necessary to inform sexual partners
     Impact on male sexual partner likely to be negligible
     Need for consistent of information