Table 4

 Performance of rapid diagnostic tests for syphilis in round 1

SitesDetermine Syphilis TP Abbott LabsSyphilis Fast Diesse DiagnosticaEspline TP Fujirebio IncSyphicheck-WB Qualpro DiagnosticsSD Bioline Syphilis 3.0 Standard DiagnosticsVisitect Syphilis Omega Diagnostics
Sens (%)Spec (%)Sens (%)Spec (%)Sens (%)Spec (%)Sens (%)Spec (%)Sens (%)Spec (%)Sens (%)Spec (%)
*The Breslow-Day test for homogeneity of odds ratios was calculated to determine the extent of site-to-site variation of test performance.
†The κ value for each test is a summation of the overall performance of each test against the reference standard for all sites. A value of 0.75 or greater is considered excellent.
CI, confidence interval; Sens, sensitivity; Spec, specificity.
Moscow, Russian Fed.10010072981008380100929876100
Birmingham, USA889257929888829494908094
Port au Prince, Haiti100981009298100909810010090100
Nanjing, China989379899493779589968193
Mwanza, Tanzania969494909810080100949482100
Colombo, Sri Lanka10098961009896881009610092100
Durban, South Africa96909496969482100949886100
Fajara, The Gambia100889486100929694100849296
Overall results97.294.18692.897.793.484.597.79594.98598
95% CIs95.6 to 98.891.8 to 96.482.5 to 89.490.3 to 95.496.3 to 99.290.9 to 95.880.9 to 88.096.2 to 99.292.8 to 97.192.7 to 97.181.4 to 88.596.5 to 99.4
Homogeneity* p values0.00860.00020.25290.14270.11320.03
κ† (95% CI)0.95 (0.93 to 0.97)0.87 (0.84 to 0.90)0.95 (0.93 to 0.97)0.84 (0.80 to 0.87)0.9 (0.87 to 0.94)0.85 (0.82 to 0.89)