Table 5

 Operational characteristics of rapid diagnostic tests for syphilis

Operational characteristicDetermine Syphilis TP Abbott LabsSyphilis Fast Diesse DiagnosticaEspline TP Fujirebio IncSyphicheck-WB Qualpro DiagnosticsSD Bioline Syphilis 3.0 Standard DiagnosticsVisitect Syphilis Omega Diagnostics
Mean scoreMean scoreMean scoreMean scoreMean scoreMean score
The technicians were asked to give, for each test, a score out of 3 for each of the first three characteristics, with 3 being the best, and then a score of 1 if the test does not require any additional equipment.
Clarity of kit instructions2.6251.8751.8752.1252.1252.5
Technical complexity2.8751.1252.6251.8752.3752
Ease of interpretation of results21.252.1251.87521.625
Equipment required but not provided000101
Total score7.5/104.3/106.6/106.9/106.5/107.1/10