Table 6

 Test reproducibility

Determine Syphilis TP Abbott LabsSyphilis Fast Diesse DiagnosticaEspline TP Fujirebio IncSyphicheck-WB Qualpro DiagnosticsSD Bioline Syphilis 3.0 Standard DiagnosticsVisitect Syphilis Omega Diagnostics
Values given as number of discordant results/total number of tests performed.
*Two lots of rapid tests performed using the same 25 sera.
†Nine sera tested on 5 days.
‡Ten sera run by 2 operators at each of 2 reference laboratories.
Lot-to-lot variation*1/504/503/500/503/501/50
Day-to-day variation†0/453/451/451/450/453/45
Operator-to-operator at reference labs‡1/400/400/403/401/404/40
Operator-to-operator at sites4/78920/7890/7896/7890/7895/789