Table 2

 Data abstracted from studies with passive follow-up of chlamydial and gonocaccal reinfection among men

Author, year(reference)PopulationnRepeat case definition% of men with repeat chlamydia (n)% of men with repeat gonorrhoea (n)% of men with repeat gonorrhoea/CHLAMYDIA(n)% of female data (n)
DOB, date of birth; F, female; M, male; NA, not applicable; STD, sexually transmitted disease; STI, sexually transmitted infection.
Gunn et al,200450Population based; San Diego County, California: people with reported cases of gonorrhoea6243 M, 4747 F1/1995–12/2001: ⩾2 gonococcal infections for same name and DOB within 30–365 days time frame and trailing 12-month repeatsNA5.0 (311/6243)NAGONORRHEA: 4.1 (196/4747)
Lee et al,200451STD clinic based; Portsmouth, UK: men and women diagnosed as having chlamydia214 M, 861 F9/1999–8/2000: subsequent chlamydia at any visit within a 3-year follow-up period16.4 (10/61)NANACHLAMYDIA: 20.5(46/224)
Mehta et al,200352STD clinic based; Baltimore, Maryland: heterosexuals ⩾12 years diagnosed as having gonorrhoea1717 M, 6610 F1/1994–10/1998: first incident gonococcal infection at least 3 months after initial visit to a maximum of 4.8 yearsNA11.9 (788/6610)NAGONORRHOEA: 7.1 (122/1717)
Rietmeijer et al,200253STD clinic based; Denver, Colorado: patients screened for chlamydia more than once2097 M, 1470 F1/1997–6/1999: more than one positive chlamydia test >30 days apart18.3 (56/306)NANACHLAMYDIA: 23.2 (43/185)
Gunn et al,200054STD clinic based; San Diego County, California: patients with a new STD or a history of STD in the past 5 years2612 M2–7/1995: subsequent STD reported by a client or communicable disease investigator between 45 and 365 days after treatmentNANA6.3 (39/620)CHLAMYDIA/GONORRHOEA: 6.3 (15/239)
Thomas et al,200055STD clinic based; Step County, North Carolina: patients diagnosed as having chlamydia and/or gonorrhoea626 M, 574 F8/1992–1/1994: subsequent chlamydial and/or gonococcal infection in clinic or private practice >14 days and <17 months after index infectionNANA28.3 (177/626)GONORRHOEA/CHLAMYDIA: 19.0 (109/574)