Table 4

 Summary of characteristics of economic evaluations of chlamydia treatment, in chronological order

First authorTreatmentOutcomeModelTarget populationCost effectiveness, screening recommended
AZM v DoxyOther*MOA†Short term‡StaticTDMF onlyM&FM onlyYesNoComments
AZM, Aazithromycin; Doxy, doxycycline; MOA, major outcome averted; TDM, transmission dynamic model, M, male, F, female; ICER, incremental cost effectiveness ratio.
*Other treatments include amoxycillin, erythromycin; †Major outcome was pelvic inflammatory disease; ‡short term outcomes usually cost per patient cured.
Gift, 200464Coinfection with gonorrhoea. Routine dual treatment not a cost effective replacement for testing
Moriarty, 200163AZMAzithromycin significantly more cost effective
Petitta, 199958Both treatments decreased infection and costs
Marra, 199762AZMAzithromycin recommended treatment
Hueston, 199767AZMAzithromycin most cost effective
Genc, 199759Doxycycline most cost effective when compliance assumed >80%
Magid, 199661AZMAzithromycin most cost effective
Haddix, 199560AZMAzithromycin most cost effective
Schiotz, 199265Routine test of cure after treatment for chlamydia not cost beneficial
Washington, 198766Combined treatment more cost effective than tetracycline